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Our site does a great job to bring and connect people together.

"From Phil and Stephanie -- Phil/Stephanie, Aug 5, 2005 -- We met each other through this web stie. Though in the same province, we would probably have never bumped into each other as one of us is from Ottawa and one from Kitchener. Lake many other stories here, we first emailed, chatted on the phone, then finally met, formed our relationship, and the love keeps getting stronger. We are now trying to get our jobs relocated so that we can shorten our distance and lead our happy lives together."

"Meant to be -- John, July 30 2005 -- I met the woman of my life through gbfriends. Before joining this site, I was always skeptical about finding a soulmate through the Internet. With reference from a few friends, I decided to give gbfriends a try. From all the messages that I’ve received, Linda’s was the one that caught my eyes. I’ve never been so happy in my life. Thank you gbfriends, for allowing this beautiful woman entering into my world. Thank you Linda, for completing my life."

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