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What features does gbfriends offer?

  1. More than 10 sophisticated search methods to look for people, including general search, detail search, features members search, and more.
  2. Live Chat with other members
  3. Participate in discussion boards to interact with other members. Feel free to post a topic about love, dating, relationship, movies, music, etc.
  4. Ask and consult dating/relationship experts
  5. Sharpen your dating skills with our FREE Relationship Advices.
  6. Read articles on love, sex, entertainment, travel and activities.
  7. Read our daily horoscopes and Chinese zodiac.
  8. Photo upload feature allows you to post your own photographs
  9. A self-assisted Help Centre consisting a complete set of FAQ which helps to answer your inquires.
  10. A Contact us section for members to get in touch with us in the simplest way.

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