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- It worked!
- Friendships and more.
- Two equals One
- My one and only one
- Found Mr. Perfect
- From Phil and Stephanie
- I am a lucky woman!
- Just met!
- My life changed!
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- Meant to be
- My dream came true
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Success Stories
Read the love stories from our members. we bring couples together atgbfriends

It worked!
Mel, Aug 2, 2005

I would have never imagined my luck of meeting my special someone through the internet. Thanks to gbfriends without your service I would not be the happy girl that I am today!

Friendships and more.
Larry, Aug 5, 2005

Ever since I joined this website, Iíve met a few wonderful ladies whom I have formed valuable friendships with. This is certainly a good experience. Yet the best part is that I met the Goddess of my life, whom I would never have thought about meeting in 100 years. Everything of hers is perfect. I cannot express enough of my appreciate to this site for making me the luckiest man on this planet.

Two equals One
Samantha, Aug 6, 2005

My 3-yr relationship with my ex-boyfriend was ended on a sour note. I was sad, depressed, unhappy. One blue night I was browsing on the WWW and came across this website. I was wandering around and finally decided to take out my sorrow by signing up and writing a few lines in my profile. To my surprise, among the replies I received one of them actually caught my attention. Williamís message made me feel very warm although, at that time he was a stranger to me. For weeks I kept on chatting with him by emails and EVERYHING Ė good and bad, happy and sad. When we decided that it was time for a face-to-face meeting I was both excited and nervous. I will never forget the first time we met (in person). Our chemistry kicks off as soon as we met and as they say the rest is history. In a few weeks I will be visiting his parents who live in another province. I cannot believe this marvelous man would pop up in my life and I just feel so very lucky. We are 2 different people but are now brought together and become ONE.

My one and only one
Danny, Aug 2, 2005

If there is any absolute correct decision Iíve ever made in my life, joining would definitely be up there. I met Juliana, now my-wife-to-be. I never believe love at first sight until the moment I met her. She has become sunshine in my days and sparkling stars in my nights.

Jules, you will always be my one and only one, and always will be.

Found Mr. Perfect
Patricia, Aug 5, 2005

To everyone who is reading this, I have found my MR. PERFECT from this site. He is now my partner, my best friend, my role model, and my soul mate.


From Phil and Stephanie
Phil/Stephanie, Aug 5, 2005

We met each other through this web stie. Though in the same province, we would probably have never bumped into each other as one of us is from Ottawa and one from Kitchener. Lake many other stories here, we first emailed, chatted on the phone, then finally met, formed our relationship, and the love keeps getting stronger. We are now trying to get our jobs relocated so that we can shorten our distance and lead our happy lives together.

I am a lucky woman!
Bear girl, Aug 5, 2005

I am most lucky to have met my Mr. Right through this site. My life has never been filled with so much joy before and the future is looking very promising.

Bear boy, I luv U!!!

Just met!
Apple baby, Aug 5, 2005

I have just met a fine young man through gbfriends. Things just started between us and are going well. Though itís too early to say, but we are both confident about our future and our relationship is grower stronger everyday.

My life changed!
Liz, Aug 5, 2005

Being a single mom in her late 40s, I have long given us hopes on dating, let alone finding a soulmate. After continuous persuasion from a coworker, I signed up with gbfriends. I could never ever have thought about meeting a wonderful man like Steve. We share so much in common and every moment that we spend together is a moment that we treasure. My life has changed entirely and every day is a blessing to me.

To those who are missing another half, donít ever give up.

Cyber True Love
Monica, Aug 5, 2005

I want to say this out loud: I have found my true love. Fate has brought Sheldon and me together through gbfriends. We share the same values, same beliefs, same philosophy and same of everything. We have both agreed that we are each otherís perfect match. Life will never be a lone journey again.

Thanks to gbfriends
Sarah, July 29, 2005

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to gbfriends for giving me the opportunity to meet my Mr. Right. I met Jason 3 weeks after emails, icq and phone calls. Since then I could never go by a day without thinking him. So THANK YOU again. I owe the world to you - for delivering this wonderful man to my life.

Meant to be
John, July 30 2005

I met the woman of my life through gbfriends. Before joining this site, I was always skeptical about finding a soulmate through the Internet. With reference from a few friends, I decided to give gbfriends a try. From all the messages that Iíve received, Lindaís was the one that caught my eyes. Iíve never been so happy in my life. Thank you gbfriends, for allowing this beautiful woman entering into my world. Thank you Linda, for completing my life.

My dream came true
Princess, July 30 2005

I had a few relationships before yet none of them was meant to blossom till the end. Until the day I started to exchange emails with my Prince Charming, whom I met through this site, I know my world has changed. After one month of emailing, we finally decided to meet up. The second I laid my eyes on him, I knew he would be the one. We have become inseparable ever since our first meeting!

I would like to tell you...
Me, July 31, 2005

...that I need to un-bookmark this website from my PC from now on as Iíve found my Mr. Perfect already!!! I can never believe my luck of meeting this caring, affectionate, and wonderful man who is going to spend to the rest of his life together with me. Thank you gbfriends. We will always be grateful with the venue that you provided us. And good luck to the rest of you in finding your other halves!

No more single!!!!
ShyBoy, August 2, 2005

For 30 years of my life, I always been by myself. I feel there is noone who will understand or willing to try to understand me. One day I was on the Internet and came across this website. I thought: what on earth are these dating websites doing? What the heck do they do?! Giving it a second thought, I decided to sign up and see what happens. Never would I knew that this decision will entirely change my life. Or should I say 2 different lives? Mine and Jessica. Jessica and I exchanged emails for a few weeks and we talk about everything in our messages! Finally I gathered all my courage and decided to ask her to come out. Things went well in our first meeting and Jessica is just as wonderful as she was in her messages. Our bond and trust are going stronger and stronger each day. We are planning our first go away vacation in a couple of weeks. Future looks bright for both of us!

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