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I am 49 years old.
Horoscope: Gemini.
I am a male.
Looking for female.
I am looking for: long-term dating
Wish to meet someone between age 16 & 23
Marital Status: single
Ethnicity: mixed race
I speak:english, urdu, bengali, arabic
My body type is: average.
Height: 168 cm (5' 6")
My education level is: elementary.
My occupation is: Other.
My religion is: not religious.
Smoking? non-smoker.
Alcohol? drink on occasion.
Want Children? no.
Have Childreen? does not have children.
I am currently living in:karachi, sind
Relocation Preference: maybe
I enjoy these activities:
- Health & Fitness
- Movies
- Music
- News & Media
- Politics
- Shopping
- Table Tennis

Public Name:player
Hello Ssexy babe !
Hello sweet heart ! I m crazy about love, i m looking for beautiful sex apealing smart girl friend. thanks
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