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Send/Receiving Messages - Help

  1. Can I receive emails even though I'm not a paid member?
  2. Can I send a message with an attachment?
  3. Can I send messages to non-members using my member's account?
  4. How can I see the email(s) that I have sent?
  5. How can I turn off email alerts?
  6. How do I block a member from sending me messages?
  7. How do I check my mailbox?
  8. How do I delete my mail?
  9. How do I increase my friendship-points?
  10. How do I remove BARRIERS (blocked/hidden words) in my messages?
  11. How do I send messages?
  12. How many messages am I allowed to send?
  13. How many people am I allowed to contact (send messages) to?
  14. I was typing a message, as soon as I hit 'Send' I was logged out of my account. What is wrong?
  15. Is it FREE to send messages?
  16. Is there a limit to the number of messages I can have in my mailbox?
  17. Is there a way to recover a deleted message from my mailbox?
  18. Some messages in my mailbox have disappeared, why is that?
  19. What is the maximum number of words I can put in my messages?
  20. What should I say in my emails?

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