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  1. Calculating Your Body Mass Index
  2. Essential Health Tips
  3. Fat, Cholesterol, Calorie
  4. Fitness Tips
  5. Healthy Sleep Habits
  6. Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
  7. Stress Management
  8. Tips For A Balanced Life
  9. What To Eat Before Your Workout

Health & Wellness

Fitness Tips

Exercising helps one to stay fit and healthy. Often it requires some determination and endurance.

The first step is setting reasonable and realistic goal(s). Goals that are overly difficult will become unachievable and eventually you will be discouraged.

Choose an exercise/activity that you know you will enjoy doing. Otherwise, choosing something that you do not like will be dull and boring. Make sure you are having fun during the entire process.

Find a partner to exercise together. The two of you can motivate and discipline each other and the result will be more noticeable.

Vary your routine. The more you do one thing, the easier it is for you to get bored. Rotate between the exercises and activities you do. This helps to keep your spirit high and make the entire process more enjoyable.

Don't believe in "no pain, no gain". Soreness is normal when you first begin exercising. Pain isn't. When it gets to the point that it hurts, please stop.

Do it step by step and reward yourself. Don’t expect to see magic and that you will see astonishing results in 3 days. Make sure you are progressing accordingly and every time you attain to a certain level, reward yourself to keep the incentive going.

by Danny Street

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Essential Health Tips
Reduce fat
Cutting fat helps you consume fewer calories. It is recommended that your diet should provide no more than 30 percent of total calories from fat.

Quit smoking
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Stress Management
As we adjust ourselves to the continually changing environment around us, our bodies experience stress. Stress is simply our response to threat and has both physical and emotional effects on us. ...
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  1. Calculating Your Body Mass Index
  2. Fat, Cholesterol, Calorie
  3. Healthy Sleep Habits
  4. Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
  5. Tips For A Balanced Life
  6. What To Eat Before Your Workout

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